Monday, April 2, 2012

WATCH: ♫ Drop Down And Get Your Eagle On, Boy ♫ + Man Forgives Dog That Bit Off His Nose

This man in Mobile, Alabama is super excited about his new car (we're guessing that because the Altima doesn't have a rear license plate). Sidebar: Did she just say "This little black person"? Yep, she may be a racist.

Bill Lesinski was visiting his neighbor on Friday when their dog, a pit bull named Monster, attacked him and bit off his nose. While Bill is facing hundreds of thousand of dollars in reconstructive surgery, he's forgiven the dog -- but he wants it put down. STAT!

Since church is rarely about preaching from the Bible nowadays, Pastor Mike Scruggs, of Light of Word Ministries in White Oak, Ohio is preaching about relationships -- so, he brought a neon pink pole and a bed to the pulpit.

Dennis Rodman is poor and and a drunk. Paging Dr Drew!

And the hero of the day is Eric Watkins, who ran into a neighbor's burning home and save an elderly man. He wasn't able to save the man's disabled son, however.

Mirlande Wilson of Baltimore, Maryland is an attention-wh*re and a crazy person. The 37-year-old single mother of 7 has been telling the media (not the state's lottery commission) she's one of the three winner's of Friday night's record-setting Mega Millions lottery. Let's indulge her for a second: After supposedly winning the lottery, she called her co-worker's at a local McDonald's on Saturday to brag that she's the winner. But here's where it gets interesting: Mirlande was in charge of buying tickets for a pool of 15 co-workers, each of whom chipped in $5. But Friday night, shortly before the drawing, Mirlande's boss gave her another $5 to buy more tickets for the group on her way home. However, Mirlande says she bought the winning ticket separately from that, with a friend from outside of work. "I was in the group, but this was separate. The winning ticket was a separate ticket," she said. So, basically if this donkey is telling the truth, she's going to need that money (about $105 million if she chooses the lump sum payment) to build a fortress back in Haiti or hire a 24-hour security detail, because her co-workers are going to beat her ass -- before and after they sue her ass! When the local TV station spoke to her, Merlande (who refuses to show anyone in the media her supposed winning ticket) told them: “I hope my ticket is right and I get the money,” she said in an interview. “I will help people I'm not going to keep it to myself I'm going to share no matter what. It's a lot of money....I didn't even check the ticket to make sure. I don't know why all this happened. I don't know who called the media. I don't know what's going on. I'm just in shock myself.” Crazy people.

WTH!?! For the past six months, a man has been terrorizing workers at an adult spa in Houston. According to the women, who didn’t report the crimes to police because they're here illegally and were afraid they might be deported, the man has showed up at the spa several times during the six-month period and raped, robbed and beat them.

Gordon Williams of Nottinghamshire, England is barking mad at police officers who smashed his car window to save a dog they thought was left in a hot car. But, as it turns out, that dog was a stuffed toy. The cops blame Gordon, but have offered to pay for the repair of the window. Watch video here.
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