Friday, April 27, 2012

WATCH: Woman Wakes Up in Body Bag + High Gas Prices Send Man into a Rage

In 2011, several tornadoes ripped through Alabama and Georgia, killing almost 400 people. A neighbor found Glynis Lawson's body more than 100 feet away from her home among the dead. Glynis was in bad shape. Her hip was broken, shoulder dislocated, there was a hole in her back and her nose and one ear were almost severed from her head. She was conscious at first, but slipped unconscious and, at some point, someone decided she was dead and wrapped her in a black tarp, what they were using for makeshift body bags. Her body was taken to a makeshift morgue where a nurse heard moans and found Glynis still alive.

Neighborhood watchman Dave Toledo has been threatening to assault the punks who slashed his car tire and dozens others in his neighborhoood. Now for the shocking twist: Dave is the punk responsible for the slashing and has it turns out, he has been slashing his neighbors' car tires since 2003.

This wiener war is heating up. An Albuquerque hot dog vendor (Eric Kilmer) is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after he slammed his hot dog cart into a rival.

Meanwhile, at Atlantis in The Bahamas, pauper and alleged heroin addict Dennis Rodman threatens to break a teenage boy's neck. According to the YouTuber: "The kid only asked Dennis to take a shot with him and his friends and then he started calling the kid gay for no reason then the video starts."

After a whole 15 minutes of negotiations with a suicidal man, officers allegedly grew restless and opened fire, killing him. When the victim's father and brother showed up to the scene seeking answers, they were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

The streets of Detroit are not safe. Not even for the elderly. Phil Clark, 67, was robbed and beaten almost to death.

↪ A man, upset about the price of gas at a Brockton, Massachusetts gas station, flew into a rage and demanded his money back.

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