Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bobby Brown is Planning Intervention to Help Ex-Wife Whitney Houston Finally Beat Drug Addiction: Report

Last year, pop superstar Whitney Houston admitted to Oprah that she is/was a crackhead and blamed her drug addiction on then-husband Bobby Brown. Since that revelation, rumors continued to fly that the singer is still getting high and stories like this, videos of her bizarre behavior during concerts in Europe and Australia and an eyewitness account of a man who said he saw the singer snort cocaine in public did nothing but fuel the rumors. Now, the National Enquirer is reporting that Whitney's 17-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina suspects that her mother is still hitting the crack pipe. She told Bobby, who is determined to help; he's planning to swoop down on Whitney at a top-secret intervention, which will be attended by her family and friends and...Janet Jackson. [Sidebar: Whitney looked fab-u-lous at the 2010 Keep A Child Alive's Black Ball on Sept. 30 in NYC. The photo above is from that event.]
Friends believe Whitney is still hopelessly addicted to hard drugs, and Bobby is making plans to ask pop diva Janet Jackson to step in, insiders say.

"Whitney is struggling with her addictions and Bobby blames himself for her problems," a close family friend divulged to The Enquirer. "They did drugs together for years, but Bobby got clean and now he sees it as his job to help Whitney beat her addictions. He told me, 'What's happening to Whitney is all my fault. I stayed in the party life too long. I should have helped her a long time ago.'"

Bobby is now sober after beating alcohol and drugs -- and it was the couple's 17-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina who begged him to help her troubled mom, according to the source.

"Bobbi Kristina told her dad that she thinks Whitney is still getting high, and asked him to confront Whitney about it," the source revealed. "Bobby went to Whitney and said, 'Look, baby, you can't get this monkey off your back alone. I will help you.' He promised that they'd beat her addiction together."

Now Bobby is enlisting the help of Whitney's friends and family members, said the source.

He's in the process of talking to her mother Cissy, her music guru Clive Davis, cousin Dionne Warwick, and actor Denzel Washington, who once helped the troubled star break free of her drug use, said the source.

"Bobby knows that most of these people, especially Whitney's mom Cissy, don't like him and blame him but he's hoping they'll put those feelings aside to help Whitney," said the source.

Bobby, 41, also approached singer/actress Brandy, whose brother Ray J dated Whitney, said the source.

"Brandy has been fond of Whitney since she dated her brother. She fears Whitney is knocking at death's door and she wants to help," said the source.

But Bobby has pinned his biggest hopes on Janet, said the source.

"Bobby knows Whitney has a lot of respect for Janet and that will make Janet a real force in the intervention," said the source. "Janet doesn't want what happened to her brother Michael to happen to Whitney. That will be a powerful message for Whitney to hear and Bobby knows Janet won't refuse to help. She truly care about Whitney. Bobby plans to gather everyone at Cissy's house and be waiting when Whitney arrives for a planned dinner. He believes that once she hears the stories of concern and sees the pain on her family and friends faces she'll check into a treatment facility that will ultimately save her life."
The report also claims Whitney spends/spent $300,000 per year on drugs and that her recent weight gain (she ballooned to almost 200 pounds) was due to steroids she was taking to treat a, ahem, "respiratory condition." Her "condition" improved, she's no longer taking the steroids and she's back to looking svelte and gorgeous.

As for the secret intervention that's about to go down at Cissy's house? We don't really believe that and if, by chance, it's true, it'll probably be postponed since the entire world -- including Whitney -- now knows about it.

Source: National Enquirer, Oct. 18 print edition.
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