Friday, September 9, 2011

This Male Prostitute is Shocked - SHOCKED! - That He Was Arrested For Selling Himself at a Shady Church

Police and prosecutors call 23-year-old Alex Averill, who has sex with women at his church for $204 an hour, a prostitute, but to let him tell it, he's merely a spiritual warrior and a healer and what he does is not illegal. He's wrong. For almost a year, Alex -- who goes by the name Zander -- has worked at Phoenix Goddess Temple where he says he's devoted himself to healing hundreds of people, including fat women who need to feel loved. He does that for a fee, of course. He says: "Sometimes, people just need to be hugged for an hour and a half, is there something incriminating about that?" On Wednesday, cops swooped down on the church -- like they did at a similar "church" in Dallas -- and arrested 18 people. Dozens more are also expected to the charged with prostitution.

source: Fox 10
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