Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in Review: Bishop Eddie Long's Mistress, Granny Batting 1.000

Hey, boys and girls. Make it a fantastic weekend. We'll be back here Tuesday afternoon. Sure hope you'll he here, too.

While we're away, if you have a tip about a story or something we should look into, post or get a chuckle from, please direct it here.

Here are some of the week's lowlights (and some highlights, too).
  1. Bishop Eddie Long was quick to settle the sexual misconduct lawsuits out of court after a fifth accuser -- a tranny! -- sashayed her way into the mix.
  2. Not to be outdone, Bishop Long's daughter got herself in some trouble of her own.
  3. While on the topic of preachers, a Dallas pastor says a swingers sex club and a nightclub that serves booze and illegal drugs to teenagers are churches. Cops and the district attorney disagree.
  4. A police officer who said he was forced to attend the Martin Luther King Jr parade because he's black has filed suit.
  5. Grandma Bonnie is armed and dangerous! She's not taking sh-t for anyone -- that includes you, naked intruder!
  6. The most story of the week went to the woman who attached a 4-month-old baby in a stroller and tried to break off his arm SO SHE COULD EAT IT!
  7. Janet Jackson is engaged to her billionaire boyfriend, they say.
  8. Singer Amy Winehouse kicked the bucket.
  9. You can take as many AP and honors classes as you can muster and have the highest GPA, but you will never be valedictorian at a high school in Arkansas if you're black.
  10. After spending 21 hours in a morgue fridge, a dead man woke up and scared the life out of the mortuary staff.
  11. A man who hangs out in Times Square begging for money to buy weed, has sued NYC for harassment.
  12. A man attempted hernia surgery on himself with a butter knife.
  13. Woman cheated on husband. Contracted herpes. Sued jumpoff for giving her herpes. Wait, what?
  14. Meanwhile, a man who served jail time for infecting a pregnant woman with HIV in 1999 was charged with infecting a second woman (his pregnant wife) with the disease.
  15. And, of course, we watch a gaggle of videos. Like these. And these...
  16. ...But, by far, this was the best video of the week.
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