Friday, November 4, 2011

Week in Review: Motions Fly

Hey, boys and girls. Make it a great weekend. We'll be back. Join us, will you.

While we're away, if you have a tip about a story or something we should look into, post or get a chuckle from, please direct it here.

Here are some of the week's lowlights (and some highlights, too).
  1. A man's life was saved after doctors stuck feces they harvested from someone else up his butt. What's that smell?
  2. BET steals! That's according to a lawsuit filed by TV One that said BET stole one of their shows.
  3. Speaking of lawsuits, Shaquille O'Neal filed suit against his former IT guy for hacking into his computer server and stealing and selling private emails. E-mails that paint Shaq as a master manipulator and cheat.
  4. Two women who were found guilty of beating a 3-year-old girl to death because she wet her pants, put on an Academy Award (OK, BET Awards, maybe) performance in the courtroom when they heard their fate.
  5. A man was arrested after he called the telemarketers who were blowing up his phone every day for eight months.
  6. A woman said a female pastor she met on Facebook beat her up and sexually assaulted her.
  7. Speaking of Facebook, a woman set fire to another woman's home because she defended her on Facebook.
  8. Several back nurses filed suit against their employer because they were not allowed to take care of white patients.
  9. A family court judge was caught on camera beating the living daylights out of his daughter, but he said he doesn't understand all of the fuss because he did nothing wrong.
  10. A group of men stole a boy's sandwich at gunpoint.
  11. A man was jailed after cops found dozens of life-sized dolls and teddy bears in his apartment. Any by "life-sized", we mean the corpses of women he dug up from the cemetery.
  12. Thieves broke into a woman's home, threw a party then burned the home down.
  13. And there was this idiot.
  14. These were the video that had us asking questions, falling from our chairs and wondering why people are so messed up. These ones, these ones, and, of course, these.

Before you go, here are two tracks -- "Like Smoke", featuring Nas and "Our Day Will Come" -- from Amy Winehouse's posthumous album.

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