Friday, April 10, 2015

The Weekend is Brought to You By Fish -- Uptown Fish!

Yas, gawd! Shangela snatched our edges with this video. While we go regrow our edges, check out the shenanigans that took place this week.
  1. A Michigan criminal court judge told a convicted attempted murder he's "not someone who can conform to live in society" then sentenced him to prison for a very, very, very long time.
  2. NBA player Chris Copeland was stabbed by a man he got into a fight with outside of a NYC nightclub.
  3. Sheriff's deputies were caught on camera beating a man who stole a horse and tried to evade arrest.
  4. In Philadelphia a 10-year-old boy who didn't want to get into trouble for arriving home late, lied that a homeless man had attacked --- so his entire family drove to a gas station to beat the the crap out of the homeless man.
  5. The air date and first promo were released for Bruce Jenner's announcement that he's transitioning into a woman.
  6. After several years of feuding on The Real Housewives of Atlantathe characters played by Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore finally squashed their beef. But will it last?
  7. Meanwhile, a biography on Mrs Carter called Beyond Beyonce: The Untold Story will be published this fall.
  8. We published a classic flashback from the days of the Wendy Williams Experience.
  9. We had and still have a hard time believe the story that DMX turned down drugs and robbed a 21-year-odl man of $3200 at gunpoint.
  10. Mariah Carey's long-time publicist fired the diva.
  11. A woman who's a friend and business partner of Solange is in critical condition after she was stabbed 10 times whens she got into a fight with another woman.
  12. A South Carolina police officer was charged with murder after firing 8 shots at a fleeing black man. The dash cam video was also released.
  13. Suge Knight appeared in court in a restraint chair and he fired his lawyer.
  14. As it turned out, a rapper who calls himself a pimp is actually a pimp.
  15. Giuliana Rancic blamed the joke about Zendaya Coleman's faux locs smelling of patchouli oil and weed on editing.
  16. It was revealed that Michael Jackson paid $200 million in hush money to 20 or so children who said he sexually abused them.
  17. mother was reunited with the daughter she told died after birth -- 50 year ago.
  18. A former mayoral candidate can't stop prank-calling 911.
  19. Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted of all charges.
  20. We got a look at the president's, first lady's and the vice president's 2014 tax returns
  21. A nut job filed a lawsuit urging a judge to ban Kim Kardashian and her husband from stepping foot in the state of Florida.
  22. A man knowingly infected his wife with HIV then knowingly infected several women whom he cheated on his wife also with HIV is going to jail.
  23. Saturday is Bring Your Own Cup day to 7-Eleven so giant Slurpees for all.
  24. A couple abandoned their baby at a McDonald's because they had plans.
  25. To prevent her car from being carjacked, a woman jumped the hood of her car.
  26. A losing basketball coach fired a gun at the opposing coach.
  27. "Facebook thugging" landed a woman in jail.
  28. Miss Fenty performed and debuted video for a new single called American Oxygen.
  29. A woman was arrested after pouring gasoline on her 7-year-old daughter then set her on fire.
  30. A woman was arrested after stepping on her 7-year-old son's throat because he wouldn't go to sleep.
  31. Mischa Barton sued her manager -- who is also her mother -- for stealing from her and exploitation. 
  32. A former NFL player was arrested for running a Ponzi scheme.
  33. We learned of a new purpose for Facebook: Serving your elusive spouse with divorce papers!
  34. A man slapped a hospital with a lawsuit after they broke his penis.
  35. Then we met this dumb criminal.
  36. The newly-crowed world's oldest person died a few days after winning said crown.
  37. A woman smacked a 3-year-old boy in the face with the tablet.
  38. Two narcotics officers were arrested for robbing drug dealers then selling the drugs and pocketing the cash.
  39. A study was released showing how teenagers use social media.
  40. And finally. Florida! A new street drug is causing everyone to go C-R-A-Z-Y!
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